Hello!  So here are a few of the FAQs and answers, along with some Passwords to make working with us easier.




                Cables:  The Blackbox Radios can be programmed to match other brands and models of radio if they have the same frequency range. In order to program the Blackbox to match you need a Blackbox Programming Cable.  Here is where to get them:



                Software is free!  Get the Programming Software and Drivers here:



                PASSWORD to download the radio programming software from website:

  • “Blackboxradios.com”  username: blackbox    password: Radio1




                Got Low Receive audio volume on your Acoustic Tube earpiece?

It is likely caused by a clogged audio tube! So blow out or clear out that ear gunk with alcohol and/or a pressured-air canister.



                Want a “listen only” earpiece? 

K1 (Kenwood style) connectors use the small 2.5mm port for Receive

M1 (Motorola style) connectors use the large 3.5mm port for Receive



                Got a Bantam radio, and it sounds like Mickey Mouse? 

The Sound Encrypt is On. The Bantam uses what is called Frequency Inversion for the voice encryption.  To turn it off, access the programming software.

                Want to get an FCC License?  Use these folks:
Business Radio Licensing

Website: www.businessradiolicensing.com

Phone: 800.783.9006


Got more questions or even want to contribute something to our FAQ?  Email: support@kleinelectronics.com


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