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BBGR-Gateway-1 CH


Product Description

The Blackbox BBGR Gateway is a system that is designed to integrate trunked radio systems to the IP network for cross communication.


  • 1 = 1 Channel
  • 4 = 4 Channels

NOTE: Gateway box does not include required cables for the mobile radio it needs to interface with (i.e. a Motorola digital radio).

  • Please choose the correct Gateway Interface Cable.

Different communication systems (e.g. TETRA, GOTA, IP Radio, GSM/CDMA) are normally unable to communicate with each other, although our Gateway box allows up to a maximum of 4 different system protocols to communicate with each other.

  • Each gateway contains a minimum of 1 auxiliary port (BBGR-102) to a maximum of 4 auxiliary port (BBGR-104).
  • Each of these ports enables conventional radio set to register into (NGN) Next Generation Network(SIP) Session Initiation Protocol Server access.

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