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DECIBEL with Built-In Two-Way Radio


Product Description

Introducing the DECIBEL High-Noise Headset with a Built-In Two-Way Radio.

  • Talk to others using headsets only – no other radios needed
  • 16 Group Channels
  • 1 Mile Range
  • Built-in two-way radio
  • Noise-reducing earshells and microphone
  • Flexible boom-microphone (non-swivel)
  • Data Sheet 
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Product Videos

High-Noise Headset with 2-Way Radio Built In! 01:16

The DECIBEL high-noise headset has a walkie-talkie radio built right into it. No need for other cables or radios. Talk directly with others in a variety of high-noise environments. Great for TOURS, GUN RANGES, OFF-ROADING, WORKING IN HIGH-NOISE, OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY, WAREHOUSING, etc. For more information contact Matthew at mathew@kleinelectronics.com or visit our website: https://www.kleinelectronics.com/decibel-with-built-in-frs-two-way-radio/ For a limited time only, purchase 2 DECIBEL headsets and get 10% off using the code "DECIBEL2"

  • High-Noise Hea...
    The DECIBEL high-noise headset has a walkie-talkie radio built...

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